Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Excursion

This week, we had an excursion to Roquefort, Millau, and La Couvertoirade.

Roquefort is where they make the famous Roquefort cheese. We went into the caves where they age the company's Société cheese. It was a very interesting tour and we had a nice tour guide who, even though the tour was mainly in French, would stop and repeat what she had said in English. We were very appreciative of that.

Millau is home to the viaduct de Millau, the world's tallest suspension bridge.

We were able to make the trek up to this wonderful lookout point right next to the bridge.

Then we had a photo shoot and took lots of pictures, haha.

It was really windy, but it was a beautiful day with big, puffy clouds.

Then we drove across the bridge...not only is it very high, it's pretty long, too!

After that, we went to La Couvertoirade, a nice little medieval village.

There were lots of cats wandering around; I found this cutie just outside the village.

I chilled with him for awhile. haha.

Yet another highway shot on the way home.

The French countryside is just beautiful, isn't it? :)

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